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Surgeon files slip-and-fall lawsuit against hospital

Surgeons in New York and elsewhere around the nation understandably spend a considerable amount of time in hospitals. Whether they are performing various medical procedures, providing consultations or visiting patients, much of their work occurs in such facilities. They certainly expect to enter the premises, conduct their business and depart in a safe manner. Unfortunately, one surgeon in another state suffered an injury after an accident at a medical facility. He has subsequently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the hospital.

In June 2018, a physician was at a hospital when some liquid on the ground caused him to slip and fall. The doctor was in need of extensive medical care as a result of the accident, according to the lawsuit. He was no longer able to maintain his medical practice due to lasting effects of the injury. Further, he states that the accident resulted in losing enjoyment of life.

Construction workers' accidents: 1 dead after building demolition

High rise buildings are common sites throughout New York and other metropolitan areas around the country. While new construction in these areas occurs frequently, older buildings may be torn down to make way for other development. Demolishing a building requires careful planning to ensure the safety of the workers involved and others who may be in close proximity to the site. When proper safety precautions have not been taken, construction workers' accidents are likely to occur. Unfortunately, one such demolition in another state resulted in the death of a worker at the job site.

A 46-year-old man was working last month where a 13-story building was being demolished. Police officers report that, during the demolition, debris fell on the man. Documents state that the impact severed the man's leg. He was transported to a nearby trauma center for treatment. Two weeks after the accident, the man died as a result of the injuries suffered in the collapse of the building.

Why you need powerful defense in a slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents often lead to painful injuries and financial loss. If a responsible party’s negligence caused you to slip and fall, you may be entitled to damages.

However, if the other party is able to pin some of the fault on you, you may not be able to collect all that you deserve.

Former football player sues school after suffering brain injury

High school football is a major activity in New York and elsewhere around the nation. Young athletes spend countless hours practicing the sport, culminating under the Friday night lights in stadiums from small towns to major cities. Although protective gear is routinely used and safety procedures are stressed, injuries can often occur. While muscle strains, fractures and broken bones are common, concussions are certainly cause for concern. A player in another state has sued his former school and others for a brain injury he suffered while on the football team.

The former player, a 2017 graduate of the private school, was injured during the spring of 2015. The lawsuit states that his coaches and trainers did not prevent him from practicing after he had suffered a head injury and had shown symptoms of a concussion. The school's administrators were also named in the lawsuit as being negligent in the way the injury was handled.

Criminal charges expected following fatal New York car accident

In New York, there are a variety of different transportation options. While most are typically relatively safe, such as using a livery driver, there are negligent people who can put the lives of many at risk by making poor choices. In fact, a man is now accused of drunk driving after he allegedly caused a car accident that resulted in a fatality.

The incident happened on a day in July. According to reports, a 50-year-old man was driving the wrong way in the westbound lanes of the Belt Parkway. Unfortunately, his vehicle reportedly struck a livery cab. The backseat passenger in the cab, a 27-year-old man, died as a result of injuries suffered in the collision.

Car accidents: 3 dead following Long Island wrong-way crash

All the boroughs of New York City are known for having heavy traffic during most times of the day. The sheer volume of vehicles on the roads, streets and highways often lead to frequent car accidents. Certainly, accidents are more likely when a motorist does not adhere to proper safe driving guidelines. A father and son recently lost their lives when a wrong-way driver struck their car in a Long Island accident.

The 65-year-old father from Staten Island was driving a car, accompanied by his 34-year-old son shortly after midnight. According to police reports, a 27-year-old man from Long Island veered into the wrong lane and crashed head-on into the oncoming vehicle with the father and son. Authorities stated that all three men died at the scene of the accident.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling steel beam

Buildings all across New York are frequently in need of repairs and renovations. Construction companies are called to provide personnel to handle these renovations. This type of work is often done in hazardous environments, and construction workers' accidents are not uncommon. Recently, a worker at a construction site died after he was struck by a steel beam.

According to reports, a 28-year-old man from Staten Island was at work, renovating an apartment building. Six employees from a construction and renovation company were working on the exterior of a building near Columbia University. Though students from Columbia live in the 13-story apartment building, school officials reported that it was not owned by the university. A spokesperson from Columbia indicated that the man was not an employee of the university.

High stakes at high-speed chases

Witnessing someone resisting arrest can be a terrifying experience. The perpetrator’s actions to elude the police can put several innocent bystanders at risk.

It becomes even more dangerous when that same person obtains a motor vehicle and forces the police to engage in a high-speed chase. The amount of property damage and pedestrians this criminal can cause significantly increases. An example of consequences that stem from these pursuits can be seen in a recent crash report.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 2 injured following Ulster County crash

Many New York residents and others around the nation love sports cars and enjoy driving them at high rates of speed when possible. However, most small-town roads are not designed for high-speed driving. Car accidents are nearly inevitable when a vehicle traveling so fast loses control. A recent crash in Ulster County claimed the life of one driver and injured two others.

Police officers in the town of Lloyd were contacted about a suspicious driver one evening. The police located the sports car in question and attempted to stop the driver. However, the driver fled from the officers, traveling on a highway. Additional law enforcement personnel from the New York State Police joined local officers in the chase.

New York car accidents: Mom killed, boy injured at bus stop

While most people in New York know of the risk they take when they use roadways -- either in a commercial or private vehicle -- most feel relatively safe while standing on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, a recent crash may have some people questioning whether they too may be involved in car accidents while waiting for the bus. A young boy was seriously injured in the accident while his mother was killed.

The incident happened late one evening on a day in June. According to reports, the two victims were standing at a bus stop near their home. Police say that a 21-year-old driver attempted a left turn at an intersection. Though that driver had a green light, police say so did an oncoming vehicle with 61-year-old driver.


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