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May 2018 Archives

Victims of car accidents must be compensated for serious injuries

Fatal accidents in New York City are sometimes tainted by an extra measure of horrific violence not seen elsewhere. That is especially true when a driver ignores the speed limit and traverses city streets at a high rate of speed or otherwise drives recklessly. Innocent victims injured in local car accidents are best served by consulting an experienced personal injury attorney who is deeply familiar with the claims and litigation procedures in the city.

Brain injury hazards exist in all work environments

All work environments in New York pose safety hazards, regardless of the industry. Many workers do not realize that a traumatic brain injury can be suffered in a seemingly safe workplace. Authorities say that most traumatic brain injuries are caused by work-related falls, and sadly, many of them are fatal. Common causes include wet spills or leakages, uneven surfaces and debris or random objects that cause trip hazards. Damaged stairways and fire escapes also cause fall accidents that result in head trauma.

Car accidents involving runaway vehicles increase in frequency

A distinctly different kind of vehicular accident is occurring with more frequency both in New York City and nationwide. It involves a driver losing control of the vehicle to the extent that the vehicle goes over the sidewalk and crashes into pedestrians and even storefronts or homes. The operator in such car accidents often claims ignorance as to how he or she lost control, although one fairly predominant reason given is that the gas pedal became stuck and could not be stopped from uncontrollable acceleration.

Slip-and-fall accidents can have long-term consequences

Slipping on a wet spot in a store can cause a fractured hip, torn rotator cuff, fractured wrist or other injuries that could cause chronic pain or have other long-term consequences. It is the responsibility of every New York owner of public spaces such as apartment buildings, grocery stores and restaurants to protect the safety of customers, guests or tenants. Victims of slip-and-fall accidents might be able to hold property owners accountable through the state's civil justice system.

When a loved one has traumatic brain injury: Tips for caregivers

Your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and it feels as if your whole world has been turned upside-down. Both of your lives have changed dramatically. In addition to mounting medical bills, late-night hospital visits and an overload of information about TBI, you are worried about your new role as a caregiver.

Car accidents: Tragedy at Brooklyn car wash kills 1, injures 1

An elderly couple suffered a devastating experience in New York on a recent Tuesday afternoon. The 85-year-old wife lost her life in one of those car accidents that leaves more questions than answers. The woman's 90-year-old husband was left fighting for his life.


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