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August 2018 Archives

Many may not be aware a brain injury has occurred

College football season is gearing up to start soon on New York campuses and other locations around the nation. NFL preseason games are already underway, as well as youth programs involving children from kindergarten through high school. Despite all the protective gear and safety procedures used in football, it is still a contact sport and injuries are likely to occur, particularly concussions. Experts are concerned that a player may experience a brain injury and not be aware that it has happened.

Catastrophic injuries: Worker loses part of arm in accident

Manufacturing plants in New York or in other locations around the country are often dangerous places to work. Many employees are at risk daily around heavy machinery or hazardous working conditions. Despite safety equipment and procedures at most companies, catastrophic injuries are still commonplace. Recently, an accident at a plant in another state resulted in the loss of part of a limb for an employee.

Surgeon files slip-and-fall lawsuit against hospital

Surgeons in New York and elsewhere around the nation understandably spend a considerable amount of time in hospitals. Whether they are performing various medical procedures, providing consultations or visiting patients, much of their work occurs in such facilities. They certainly expect to enter the premises, conduct their business and depart in a safe manner. Unfortunately, one surgeon in another state suffered an injury after an accident at a medical facility. He has subsequently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the hospital.

Construction workers' accidents: 1 dead after building demolition

High rise buildings are common sites throughout New York and other metropolitan areas around the country. While new construction in these areas occurs frequently, older buildings may be torn down to make way for other development. Demolishing a building requires careful planning to ensure the safety of the workers involved and others who may be in close proximity to the site. When proper safety precautions have not been taken, construction workers' accidents are likely to occur. Unfortunately, one such demolition in another state resulted in the death of a worker at the job site.

Former football player sues school after suffering brain injury

High school football is a major activity in New York and elsewhere around the nation. Young athletes spend countless hours practicing the sport, culminating under the Friday night lights in stadiums from small towns to major cities. Although protective gear is routinely used and safety procedures are stressed, injuries can often occur. While muscle strains, fractures and broken bones are common, concussions are certainly cause for concern. A player in another state has sued his former school and others for a brain injury he suffered while on the football team.


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