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September 2018 Archives

Trench-related construction workers' accidents are preventable

Excavations are present on almost every construction site in New York. By complying with federal and state safety regulations, trench-related construction workers' accidents can be prevented. Unfortunately, many employers would disregard employee safety to save time and money -- which are both requirements for ensuring trench safety. Typical excavation hazards include collapses and cave-ins, drowning in unexpected water accumulation, falls into trenches, strikes of utility lines, and hazardous atmospheres where poisonous gases collect in excavations.

Crash survivors speaks out on distracted driver car accidents

There are many types of distracted driving demonstrated by New York drivers and others around the nation. Whether it is texting, talking on a cellphone, changing a radio station or eating, these activities can take one's focus off the road and lead to car accidents. A survivor of an accident involving a distracted driver recently communicated the dangers of distractions to young drivers in Chautauqua County.

New guidelines for brain injury treatment for children

As this year's National Football League season gets underway, some New York residents and fans around the country debate the issue of concussions and how the steps taken to prevent them affect the game. Of course, getting a concussion and subsequent brain injury is not limited to professional athletes. Players of any age may experience concussions and trauma to the brain can occur in a variety of ways. To prevent significant brain damage, a recent publication has highlighted new recommendations for diagnosing and managing mild brain injuries in children.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 dead following fall

High-rise buildings are common sites in New York and other metropolitan areas around the country. Construction crews for new facilities must work every day in potentially hazardous environments. While safety gear and equipment is provided on job sites, construction workers' accidents still may unfortunately occur from time to time. A recent incident in another state claimed the lives of two workers on the site where a hotel was being built.

School bus safety reminders for the new school year

Kids in New York are back to school for the new year. Many children use the school bus system to get to and from their school each day. School buses are by far the safest mode of transportation for school-aged children, but accidents still happen due to improper driver conduct around school buses.


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