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Frequent gridlocks to occur in November

New York has some of the most congested streets in the world, and they are about to get even worse. When traffic becomes so bad that all the vehicles on the street spend minutes trying to move a foot, they are in the middle of a gridlock. Despite New York’s numerous travel methods, many residents still find themselves using a car, taxi or bus for some reason to get around the massive city.

If having some of the slowest traffic in the country was not enough, gridlocks also increase your chances to get in a motor vehicle accident. With so many people on the road at once, there is bound to be someone who might hit another car out of impatience, negligence or pure road rage. It is important for residents to understand why gridlocks happen frequently and what they could do to combat the threat.

New weather conditions

While October offers a crisp and cool transition between the summer and fall season, November starts changing from fall to winter weather. New York has extremely long roads, so it is understandable if residents want to get inside a warm car rather than risk freezing themselves to make it back to their apartments.

Additionally, daylight savings will begin on November 4. There will be less hours of sunlight out on the street. Aside from getting more cold hours during the day, many New Yorkers are afraid to roam on the sidewalks at night. They fear the more time they spend walking under the stars, the more likely some criminal will come out of an alleyway and try to mug them. Even though New York does not have the highest crime rate in the United States, it has built enough of a reputation to keep pedestrians cautious.

Holiday driving

Many residents know that some of the worst traffic of the year comes closer towards the end of the month. Thanksgiving is one of the deadliest holidays on the roads and the same applies towards the streets for the Big Apple. While many already know not to drive during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, there is still the issue of Black Friday on Thursday night and the following morning. New York is one of the most iconic shopping locations on the planet, so trying to move a couple of blocks under an hour is out of the question.

The official city website also lists days surrounding the holidays as gridlock days. They predict that the Friday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Wednesday after the holiday will be gridlock days this year. The days before Thanksgiving are understandable given that they are popular travel days, but the week after shows just how dangerous the beginning of the Christmas season is.

Residents should be aware of the potential gridlocks that will arrive as the month progresses. They can take alternate means of transportation such as subways or railroads to avoid the chaotic streets of one of the nation’s most popular holiday destinations and lessen their chances of getting in a serious accident.

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