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Catastrophic injuries typically have life-altering consequences

Workers in New York face safety risks each day, and employers must ensure that all employees are aware of potential hazards. They must also provide adequate training to teach them how to protect themselves. Federal and state safety standards require business owners to equip machinery and power tools with safeguards that will prevent contact with moving machine parts. However, the number of catastrophic injuries that are reported is an indication that many employers do not prioritize employee safety.

Workplace accidents that cause employees to lose body parts like arms, legs, hands, fingers or toes are examples of catastrophic injuries. In many cases, these injuries occur due to a lack of machine guarding. When workers make accidental contact with moving or rotating machine parts, an amputation injury can happen in the blink of an eye. Such incidents can cause injuries that lead to amputations, or they can entirely sever body parts.

When it comes to traumatic amputation injuries, high-risk industries include manufacturing, agriculture, construction and many others in which power tools are used. The actions of co-workers immediately after the incident could determine whether a severed limb or body part can be reattached or not. Workers with first aid training will know how to keep the severed part and the residual limb or stump clean, take steps to stop the bleeding, and prevent the victim from going into shock.

Catastrophic injuries like amputations will likely jeopardize workers' abilities to continue working in the same occupation after recovery. An experienced New York workers' compensation attorney can assist with the navigation of benefits claims. Along with the usual coverage of medical expenses and lost wages, a lawyer can work to arrange vocational rehabilitation that will equip the injured worker with new skills, ready to embark on a new career.

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