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FDA approves blood test that can detect brain injuries

Diagnosing a concussion as quickly as possible is crucial in minimizing the damage it can cause. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that stand in the way of a speedy diagnosis, including unfamiliarity with symptoms of a brain injury, fears about CT scans and delayed signs of trauma.

Biking in the winter should not be an extreme sport

Life does not grind to a halt when winter arrives; people have the same travel need no matter what time of year. Besides burning off extra calories we all tend to pack on during the colder months, biking in the winter can be an exhilarating ride. As enjoyable as riding in the winter is, there are plenty of things you need to do as a rider to keep yourself safe.

Watch out for signs of concussions

On the roads, on the sports field, at a store, at work, at home: There are a wide range of places where you could suffer head trauma. There are a variety of injuries that can come from accidents that caused blows to the head. This includes concussions, a type of traumatic brain injury.

Helping a loved one adapt to sudden disability after an accident

A major accident can change everything. Whether the accident occurred at work or in a vehicle, your loved one was not prepared for this sudden disability. You may see your loved one experience a range of emotions while adjusting including shock, anger and grief. You may not know how to help. Consider the following tips for helping the person you love adapt to a new disability.

Common questions about pedestrian and bicycle laws in NYC

As you know, New Yorkers are always on the go. Every day the streets are littered with cars, taxis, bicycles, tourists as well as pedestrians, all of whom are trying their best to maneuver through crowds of people and busy intersections. Getting where you need to be in a jam-packed city like New York can be very difficult at times.

July and August are the most dangerous months

Summer has always been the time to get outside and do things. People are more active, whether that means walking and biking city streets or hopping in the car for a road trip. When more people are out and about, the data says that more people also suffer from accidents.


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