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construction workers' accidents Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling steel beam

Buildings all across New York are frequently in need of repairs and renovations. Construction companies are called to provide personnel to handle these renovations. This type of work is often done in hazardous environments, and construction workers' accidents are not uncommon. Recently, a worker at a construction site died after he was struck by a steel beam.

Complacency often the cause of construction workers' accidents

Too many fatal falls occur on construction sites in New York. Sadly, the complacency of some supervisors and employees causes many construction workers' accidents. If workers disregard safety regulations for years without suffering injuries, they will continue to do so, and set that example for new workers joining the crew. Before long there will be some potentially life-threatening hazards that will not be addressed because they are no longer considered as dangers.

Construction workers' accidents: Stone slab kills contract work

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations for all industries in New York and other states. According to safety authorities, compliance with these regulations can prevent construction workers' accidents from happening. However, many lives are lost on construction sites every year, including one in another state that occurred on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

When construction workers' accidents are caused by third parties

There seems to be no shortage of building or remodeling projects going on in New York City at any given time. This may be good for you since you work in the construction industry, but it may also increase your chances of suffering injuries while on-the-job. While many of the risks you face are internal, some construction workers' accidents result from the negligent or reckless actions of third parties.

Construction workers' accidents: Man injured on job site

Construction sites in New York and elsewhere around the country can be potentially hazardous workplaces. The equipment that is operated, the materials that are used on a job and the conditions of the site itself all play a part in how safe -- or unsafe -- a work environment is. Construction workers' accidents can unfortunately be catastrophic because of these factors. A worker in another state may be unable to regain his ability to walk following a recent accident at a construction site.

Construction workers' accidents: Man dead after fall on site

The construction industry in New York is a multi-billion dollar business, with new facilities of every size being built. Workers on construction sites must routinely work in hazardous conditions, such as extreme weather or high altitudes. While companies certainly have extensive safety measures in place, construction workers' accidents still occur. A worker at a Manhattan job site recently died after falling in an elevator shaft.

Construction workers' accidents: 1 dead following fall on site

A construction site is a workplace with the potential for many injuries in New York or anywhere around the country. Companies are required to have a number of safety procedures in place to minimize the number of construction workers' accidents. Unfortunately, a young man recently fell on his job at a construction site in another state, and his family is questioning whether adequate safety measures were taken.

Construction workers' accidents often result in injury or death

In many suburban areas, an increase in population and a growing economy often necessitates an increase in building projects. Unfortunately, this increased activity often comes with a higher risk of serious construction workers' accidents, many of which turn out to be fatal. There have been many of these tragic accidents in New York and they have taken a terrible toll both physically and financially.

Construction workers' accidents responsible for injuries

Each morning, men and women across New York wake up, get dressed and leave for work. While these mundane tasks are being performed, thoughts of the evening's dinner or perhaps weekend plans come to mind. Little thought is given to the fact that yet another of the many construction workers' accidents that occur each year could have a drastic impact on these future plans and the lives of those involved.

Construction workers' accidents and illnesses are compensable

Respirable crystalline silica threatens the health and safety of approximately 2.3 million members of the workforce nationwide, including some in New York. This number includes 2 million construction workers whose daily activities include drilling, cutting, crushing or grinding of materials like stone and concrete that contain silica. Based on this, it is fair to say that construction workers' accidents are not the only threats these workers face as they are just as likely to develop silicosis, which is a potentially fatal occupational disease.


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